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We are an innovative hair care company, owned by a young Haitian woman, who is passionate about caring for her natural hair. Our mission is to spread love, knowledge, and confidence in women of African descent so that they can grow long and healthy hair. We work tirelessly to produce our homemade products and we take pride in the fact that they do give results because they are made with integrity. Our vision is to reach one woman at a time and make a lasting difference in her ability to go out there and empower others. We hope to create a movement that will live on through the times and to lead the way for young single mothers who are interested in entrepreneurship.

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Born on an island where culture and beauty are the purest, Maritza Pierre journey of elegance began the second she entered the world. This Haitian born was destined for greatness and enhancing great things in others. As a child growing up with two of the worlds strongest impressions on culture, (French & African) she blossomed into perfection. Maritza Pierre had a number of great achievements in her life. In 2005 she was Miss Vidéomax Eté which was just the beginning of her journey. Between the years of 2008-2012 she was one of the main attractions as the news anchor for the national television station of Haiti (Channel 8). During her growth, Maritza realized she loved reaching out to others, sharing her thoughts and ideas. She explored the idea of writing a book then finally authored the book Tchaka, which was written and published in Haitian Créole in Haiti. She also wrote Maritza, Bref (written and published in French), Monologues De La Divorcée et Elle (written and published in French at the well-known Livres en Folie event in Haiti), and Struggle-In which was written and published in the United States and is available on Amazon. She produced the TV show Vwa Timoun Yo that shed light on the execrable living conditions of the homeless kids near the Cemetery and the National Airport of Port-au-Prince. The show aired on the national television station and got great reviews. Maritza strongly believes that we all can make a difference, no matter how small the contri-bution. She cares deeply about spreading self-love and confidence, which is why she created Maritza’s Happy Place. Maritza loves fixing other young women’s crowns and believes in rocking natural hair. This native of Haiti who left home at 25 to live in Africa and explored other parts of the world is dedicated to assisting others in this rewarding self-love.

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