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Maritza’s Cocktail

It is made with 20 organic cold pressed oils that promote hair growth.

Maritza’s Basket

Maritza‘s cocktail, 1 Maritza‘s shampoo/conditioner, 1 Maritza‘s Hair Care Plan, and a mystery item!

Organic Legume

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Born on an island where culture and beauty are the purest, Maritza Pierre journey of elegance began the second she entered the world. This Haitian born was destined for greatness and enhancing great things in others. As a child growing up with two of the worlds strongest impressions on culture, (French & African) she blossomed into perfection.

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Customers Reviews

I could never find a product that would have helped my edges to grow mais ce produit là de Ms.Maritza a prouvé le contraire.
I encourage anyone who is trying to get a great natural oil to use it. Great results just in a couple of weeks. I don’t want to say days; I don’t want to exaggerate but that’s how fast how I could see the progress of my hair growth. You will be amazed!

Mwen poko utilize pwodui sa. Men mwen kwe ke li bon

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